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Sherwood Forest Railway Volunteer’s

The Sherwood Forest Railway was founded in 1999 by David Colley to operate 5/8th scale rolling stock along a typical Narrow Gauge railway. To help achieve this, a volunteer group was founded in 2001 and it is with their help the Railway can survive.

There are three distinct areas that the volunteers assist.

The first is Maintenance.

 These volunteers are the people responsible for the appearance of the railway. From the way the coaches look to the length of the grass in the play areas. They are also responsible for the trackwork, P-way, and the upkeep of the locomotives, so without them, we wouldn’t be able to run!

The second is Sales.

 They are directly responsible for the ticket you bought, the ice cream you are munching on or, more likely, the cup of tea you are shivering over! It seems such a simple task, but we’re so grateful for their time, for without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do…

The third is perhaps the most important. Operations…

 The folk you see on the train, the driver, the guard and on busier day’s the station master. They are the ones who make the magic happen! It takes a long time to train to do their jobs, but they really make the railway the great place that it is! Don’t worry though, with our unique training regime, you too can become our “top notch” driver in almost next to no time!

So who becomes a volunteer at the Sherwood Forest Railway?

That’s easy…! Anybody! We have people from all walks in life. We are office workers who wish to get a little fresh air. We are someone who works on their own and would like a little more interaction with the public. We are creative people who love working with our hands!

It doesn’t matter what experience you have, what walk of life you’re from or what age you are. If you have a little time to spare each week, we will give you all the training you require to help us run Nottinghamshire’s  greatest small steam railway! And what you get back will be tenfold what you put in!

“How  do I sign up” I hear you ask…?

That part couldn’t be easier! Simply fill in your details in the form and press “submit” . We will then get in touch, usually by email, and we can discuss where you would like to join in and what time you can spare and then we can get you started on your way to joining our ever developing railway!

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